3 Reasons to Use Mobile Bidding at Your Next Fundraising Auction

The proliferation of smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile technology has transformed the way we live and this transformation also includes fundraising operations for non-profit organizations. Mobile bidding technology now enables non-profits to reach a wider audience for auctions and other fundraising efforts and this efficient, paperless alternative to traditional auctions makes for a smoother experience for bidders as well as volunteers and administrative staff. There are several advantages of using mobile bidding for your next fundraising auction:
1. Simplicityclickbidonline.com
A traditional auction presents logistical problems. Bidders need to be physically present at or near the front of the room in order to view and bid on items. However, online silent auction bidding allows bidders to place a bid from anywhere in the room – or even outside of the room in some cases. The easier you make it for donors to place a bid, the more smoothly your auction will run and, more than likely, the more you’ll be able to raise for your organization.
2. Mobile alerts
It can sometimes be difficult to follow everything that’s going on at an auction, even if you happen to be right up front at the auction tables. Mobile bidding allows donors to participate in the auction even without having to be right up front and mobile alerts to their smartphones or tablets let them know instantly if they’ve been outbid so they can continue bidding if desired without having to rush back to the auction table.
3.Easy check in and check out
Donors often have to wait in line to check in and out at an auction, but the mobile bidding software bidding allows this process to be done via tablet or smartphone. This means no lines, less work for staff and volunteers and a more enjoyable event for donors.


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