The Benefits Of Online Mobile Bidding

The technology for mobile bidding has transformed the traditional auction activities into a very interactive process. This allows events to be more successful because it is now possible to raise the needed money prior to the actual live presentations. Mobile bidding allows event guests to place bids at bidding stations or through their smartphones. This technology presents the best functionalities of online bidding activities – heightened competition and ease of use – to the live events.

 Mobile BiddingYou can do the following with mobile bidding:

Raise more funds – Auctions that utilize mobile bidding system usually raise more funds.

Acquire more bids – Mobile bidding system allows the bidders to know if their bids have been topped up, by sending alerts to their phones. This means additional bidding activities.

Create an improved guest experience – Guests appreciate it more if they do not have to fight off a crowd just to be able to join in the bidding. With electronic silent auction technology, registration and bidding can be done anywhere they may be.

Host a totally modern event – By showcasing this innovative technology, you will be able to delight the Board members and your guests. Increase the auction fever by tracking, displaying and announcing the results in real-time.

Save time and less hassles – Integration of mobile bidding with Event Software Online allows for pre-registration, which will surely save you time. Since there is no need to install software, connect computers and do manual data entry, you can also place hassle-free bids


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