A Few Silent Auction Rules You Need To Know

So as to communicate well with participants in an online silent auction, you need to understand the silent auction rules. Although there are general rules for running a silent auction, the rules can change when conducting an auction for a charitable purpose. Every silent auction item should have a bid sheet that offers the details about the item, the minimum bid as well as the bid increments. The bidders usually write their bid numbers, as well as bid amount on these bid sheet and they, are the ones who should pay for the auction items they win. For every bidder who wins an item, they are supposed to pay and pick the topic within the stated date.
bg-mobile-fallbackGeneral Rules:

  1. All the bidders should be eighteen years and above since the bid is a legal agreement between the bidder and the auctioneer. The bidder must buy the listed item at the indicated price.
  2. The bidder must have his name written as well as his bidding number in the space provided on the bid sheet. They should also write their proposal in the right space and the new bid be higher than the previous one.
  3. At the end of the event or within the stated date, the winning bid must be settled by check, cash or credit card and in full with any cents rounded up to the next dollar amount.
  4. So as to protect and keep the integrity of the bidders, the silent auction rules prohibit the bidder from scratching out the bids.

    Online silent auctions rules are somehow similar to the standard silent auction. The bidder can place a bid by filling the required information in the bid form that can be got from respective mobile bidding companies.


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